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Dr. Alissa Harris
Your Harpers Ferry Chiropractor

Dr Harris’ knowledge of nutrition is phenomenal. I have referred many patients, family and friends and have found that when they follow her advice they receive the results they are looking for, particularly with weight loss, improved diabetes control and lower cholesterol. Couple this with her knowledge of the body from Chiropractic Medicine and she provides a holistic, functional approach to medicine that anyone could benefit from. I see her along with my immediate family and we are thankful to have this quality of healthcare so close to home.

Kristina A. Maciunas, MD/Family Physician

During the summer I injured both shoulders due to over exertion to the point of suffering serious pain and limited range of motion. My GP said nothing was broken and that both shoulders would heal in time. After weeks of curtailing my normal activities and unable to sleep normally I visited Dr Harris in the fall for evaluation and began treatment. Within several weeks I had the pain relief I needed. I continued periodic treatments and began the recommended exercises to full recovery by Christmas. I am grateful to Dr Harris for her accurate diagnosis and effective treatments.

Tom C / Shepherdstown WV

When it was suggested that I try the Standard Process Cleanse it was a way to reset my immune system due to an illness. Although I needed to lose weight, I was more interested in getting my system reset. After just 1 week, I began feeling incredible bursts of energy and surprise, surprise I was losing weight without being hungry and feeling deprived. Thank you, Dr. Harris for introducing me to a new lifestyle that real works!

P. Pitcher

I went to see Dr. Harris after attending one of her ‘hormone' seminars. I had been having female issues for a few years and both the PCP and GYN said everything looked fine. I had blood work and physicals done but still my monthly symptoms had all gotten worse. I saw a seminar ad in the Journal and thought it wouldn't hurt to check it out. Boy was I glad I did! Everything she spoke about hit home with me. I set up an appointment and started her supplements and within a month or two felt like a new woman! She is patient, kind, and caring. She educates and well, she is just amazing!

Monica in Charles Town

When I met Dr. Harris in May 2007, I was 201 lbs, tired, and unhappy. I began regular visits, hoping to make a change in my eating habits that would lead to permanent weight loss. With Dr. Harris' constant encouragement and advice, I've completely changed why I eat, when I eat, and most importantly, how I eat. With her guidance I've successfully and permanently changed my eating habits. I read every label, and I'm very strict with what I put into my body. I've succeeded in losing nearly 40 lbs and two dress sizes since May. I'm looking forward to continuing my success with Dr. Harris' help.

Michele B.

As a psychotherapist, I am a firm believer in a balanced, holistic approach to treating both physical and emotional ailments. I have referred several of my clients and my own 10 year old son to Dr. Alissa Harris for chiropractic treatment. On a personal and professional level I have been delighted and impressed by her abilities, personal style and knowledge level. I highly recommend her and continue to hear positive responses from her current clients.

Lucy Bradford, LICSW

When the lab test results came back from my yearly physical and my doctor told me I had high triglyceride and high LDL cholesterol I feared I would have to take drugs for the rest of my life. To make matters worse my blood pressure was very high too. After discussing drug options with the doctor I asked him if we could try and work these issues out without drugs. He was very skeptical. He agreed to give me 30 days before retesting to see where I was after trying "alternative" treatments. My alternative treatments included a chiropractic adjustment by Dr. Harris, looking at my current supplements, diet and exercise program. Dr Harris suggested changes in several of these areas and recommended I start the 3 week detoxifications and weight loss program from Standard Process to cleanse my system. Following the 21 day program I returned to my physician for blood work the day I ended the cleansing regime. Happy news is that by watching my food intake and regular walking as my exercise my blood pressure dropped from 190/108 to 109/78. The results of the blood work are telling too. The total cholesterol dropped 35 points. My triglycerides dropped from 256 to 76. I didn't think my triglycerides would drop so drastically since the cleansing diet had such a strong emphasis on fruits-and I ate a lot of fruit too. But it showed me that a properly prepared and monitored intake of the right foods and supplements can rebalance your system very effectively and keep you off debilitating, expensive, drugs. Overall after the cleansing I had considerable more energy, slept better, and many aching joints disappeared; walking was once again a pleasure. Sincerely,

D.K., Patient at Harpers Ferry Chiropractic

I hurt my right foot, knee and hip hiking over the weekend. Within 2 treatments I was pain free and back on the trails by the next weekend. Dr.Harris’ treatments are amazing. She is attentive to your complaint and uses a comprehensive approach to solve your issue. You will leave her office feeling completely satisfied.


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